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looking to the future

Many parcels in one.

And each one individually manageable.

To be at the forefront in the steel industry, in terms of the environment, service and technology, Siderugica Fiorentina offers the ‘Multipack’, which allows many advantages for a 360° service. 

The Multipack allows you to stack multiple packages on one pallet, minimizing unnecessary costs.

These packs come tied together, but each stacked pack is distinct from the others and can be managed individually.

Many advantages in one pack.

This is the Multipack.

We want to offer our clients many advantages:

Reduce pallet wood from 12% to 35%.

Reduce packing materials from 25% to 65%.

Reduce offloading and handling times.

Reduce storage space.

Exponentially increase pack stability.

Increase safety.

“Safety first!”

This is the motto of the Multipack.

With Multipack technology, we want to offer the material greater impact protection.

All this increases safety during handling and transportation, and in storage, giving proportionately greater stability.




The Multipack sustains the environment. Helping it!

The Multipack shrinks packaging by 65%, contributing to reducing the overall global CO2 emissions related to disposal.

Siderugica Fiorentina is eco-friendly and offers the Multipack as a Eco-solidarity solution.

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